The Millers: A Summer Wedding at Bernheim

My little sister, Gabriella, married her best friend of nine years in July. Since we have a large and talented group of women in our family we decided to fill the shoes of a wedding planner. This DIY wedding was everything that we hoped for but involved thorough planning and my sister’s vision to pull off. We made the wedding cake, put together floral arrangements, and yes…we even designed those beautiful charcuterie platters. Just remember to keep a few things in mind when you are helping a loved one with their special day:

  1. Know what your bride wants. It is so easy to let your own ideas and vision get in the way of what the bride truly wants. There were many moments that I wanted to add chicken wire and burlap to the design and could have completely thrown off the “aesthetic” of what Gabby wanted. DO NOT let your own grandiose plans take charge.
  2. Use Pinterest and wedding blogs as a path of assistance. Let Pinterest be your inspiration board for how you want the day to be. Weddings are a blank canvas and you must find the perfect mediums for how you will “paint” the picture for the day. I would have to say that Gabby sent me several pictures of her ideal wedding cake and let me take charge on how this would fit into the full design of her wedding.
  3. Find ways to cut corners. My mother and I used everyday items and decorations that we had in our house. We pulled every clear glass bottle and platter we could find for food and floral arrangements. Not only did this meet Gabby’s wishes but it saved everyone from emptying their wallets to buy items that may only be used once.
  4. DIY weddings are time consuming. Now that the wedding is over I do have one regret…I did not feel like a wedding guest. I was so consumed with every detail being perfect that I did not have time to enjoy watching my sister walk down the aisle. I understand why people use wedding planners and caterers because they do not have to worry about the setup, management, and cleanup of the day. The logistics sometimes get in the way of what we truly want to experience.

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