Guide to a Girls Mini Weekend

Hello my faithful Fellowers!

I recently took a girls mini weekend trip with one of my best gal pals (Kristen) to Cincinnati, OH. It was a quick trip but offered that getaway that everyone needs from the grind of day-to-day life. It was a time to spare no expense and live it up a little. So here are few things to guide you on your next day or weekend trip (or some places to check out if you are heading to Cincy in the near future):

  1. Plan Ahead: We had planned this trip at least three months in advance. I found a great deal on an overnight stay at the 21C Hotel. This place was swanky and eclectic and you felt like a high-roller when you walked in. Always check for early hotel deals because you may be able to stay at a place you could not normally afford. Kristen had also researched Findlay Market and found a wonderful little behind-the-scenes tour for a low cost. Findlay Market is the oldest running public market in Ohio and has amazing local food and specialty item vendors. This tour allowed us to learn more about the history and sample a few goodies along the way.Findlay Market
  2. On the flip side: Be spontaneous. We had planned to walk most of the day and tour the Over the Rhine (OTR) neighborhood but the weather changed the course of the day. We stopped in for a quick bite at Taft’s Ale House and decided to call a salon to get a manicure (why not?). Taft’s Ale House was a fantastic venue with an open hall to sample beers and have a delicious meal. The bartender kept serving samples of the beer on tap that were local collaborations with other specialty food shops in the area. We felt taken care of (aside from the cleaning of the fermentation tank and being sprayed with a hose). Of course, we also had to enjoy multiple coffee breaks at the local coffee shops, 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab and M5 Espresso.
  3. Treat Yo’Self! We had some amazing food and drinks at Nada and the rooftop bar at our hotel. Nada is a restaurant (across the street from the 21C) with modern Mexican flair. The food was great and the Nadaritas were flowing. Definitely check out the Queso Gringo, their guacamole, the Mexican Poutine, and, of course, their Nadarita. If you are looking for a location outside of Cincinnati, they have locations in Indianapolis and Columbus (Winning!). We followed our Mexican fiesta with a mini siesta and ended with a journey to the Cocktail Terrace at our hotel. What did we find? Poptails. These drinks were freaking delicious. They have two different options: Strawberry Lavender Popsicle in a glass with limoncello and vodka and a Peach Mango Popsicle in a glass of prosecco. Need I say more?
  4. Shop til ya Drop: Kristen and I had one thing on our major plan for our Saturday in Cincinnati, a trip to Jungle Jim’s. If you have not been to Jungle Jim’s, well it is an adventure. JJ’s is a 200,000 square foot grocery mecca where you will find just about anything you could possibly need to cook a domestic and international feast. They also do food tours, cooking demonstrations, and Junglefests such as the Big Cheese Festival and the International Wine Festival. It truly has something for everyone and you may be in a “food coma” after you exit this massive store. Cincinnati also had great areas like Hyde Park Square with specialty shops such as the Spicy Olive and Poeme. Who doesn’t love sampling olive oils and balsamic vinegar followed by perusing a stationery store?

Do yourself a favor… take a trip!

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