Losing my Hair Virginity

Hello all of our foxy Fellowers!

I have NEVER dyed my hair in my 24 years of existence. Through all of the emotionally charged teenage years and fashion fads, I have resisted the urge to give in. The fear of damage control and expense wasted was too much for me to handle. Losing my hair virginity was eerily similar to the real deal. The stakes were high and attachment issues were in full force. Luckily, my first time did not end in tears and disaster. Rather, it exceeded my expectations and I am now slaying the hair game thanks to my magical hairdresser. I am literal goals. Here’s my advice to the other hair virgins out there living in fear:

  1. Lose it to someone you trust: I have been visiting Beechmont Bombshells in Louisville, KY to see Cindy Venture for about 4 years. She is hilarious, knowledgeable, and 100% honest. I had faith that she would cut and color my hair in a way that would work for me as an individual. She would also have no issues telling me that my celebrity “inspo” had gone too far. Don’t go bold when you don’t know the person on the other end of the scissors.
  1. Be specific: The results are more satisfactory when you tell the hairdresser exactly what you want. I gathered pictures from Pinterest to show the length and style of the cut I desired. I described the color I wanted, as well as how I wanted it to look from every angle of my head. You are paying good money for a service. Don’t beat around the bush or you will leave disappointed.
  1. Do your research: For me to be willing to spend the money and time on this new hairstyle, I had to know the ends and outs of bayalage. I enjoy low-maintenance mornings. I needed to ensure that the color and cut I received, would require little work in my everyday routine and up-keep. Be honest with yourself on what will realistically happen when you get ready each day to face the public. Leaving the salon is one thing. Leaving your personal bathroom is another.
  1. Take a risk: Once I was fully prepared, the only thing left to do was commit. Remember, hair grows back and hair fades. Why not have a little fun while we are young and beautiful?

Finally, for the big reveal! Here’s to y’all for keeping me in your prayers and putting the hair gods in my favor. I’m OBSESSED with my new do. Tell me what you think in the comments!





One Comment Add yours

  1. Beautyhound says:

    Gorgeous colour! X


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