The Reese Report

Hello my feline-loving fellowers!

Cat lady- one of my many self-identifying phrases. I love cats and always have. They have such unique personalities and like most people we believe our pets share similar traits to their humans. I will admit it…I have a fur baby. Yes, I anthropomorphize the crap out of my kitty. She is a little bitchy, adorable, and very sweet all wrapped in her beautiful mane of calico fur. I found Reese in May of 2010 as a stray outside my childhood home. She was a few weeks old but already full of spunk. My sister, Haleigh, opened the door and she walked right in. She was destined to be domesticated. My infatuation quickly began and every summer it pained me to leave her with my parents when I went back to University of Louisville for the academic year.

In 2012, I moved to Muncie for graduate school. I had never been to this city and I didn’t know anyone. My parents brought Reese to me and she has been with me ever since. She is my little child and my biggest stress reliever. Sometimes, it feels like she is the only thing that understands me (I guess that is a little sad). That being said, I believe it is very important to take the best care of our pets. Here are a few of my favorite products to keep my little girl happy and healthy:

  • Fromm Cat Food: This dry cat food is excellent and made in the US. I only feed her the grain-free varieties since she is an indoor cat and does not have an extremely high level of activity. Reese prefers the Game Bird and Hasen Duckenpfeffer. For a more gourmet cat food, it is definitely more affordable.
  • Orijen Cat Food and Treats: Reese loves this food and the treats. This company is based in Canada and has solid reviews. You will find more unique meats in their food like boar and bison. Their food is grain-free and the treats are freeze-dried. Check out the Regional Red food. This comes with a heftier price tag but it is a nice treat every now and then.
  • Pet Water Fountains: This is the best way to get your pet to drink continuously filtered water. Pet water fountains have benefits like keeping water fresh and free of impurities. Have you ever noticed that your cat likes to drink out of a faucet? Well, drinking fountains are your solution to keeping pets away from your kitchen or bathroom sink. I have had several different brand and models. Currently, we are using Drinkwell’s Stoneware Avalon Pet Fountain. It’s fantastic!
  • All the cat toys! Reese has soooooo many toys. She loves her laser. It keeps her active and always running around the house. We also have a few AFP floral toys that she absolutely adores. My suggestion: buy a few cheap toys and see what your cat likes. 

Comment and let me know some of your favorites a pet finds. Cat ladies (and other pet lovers) unite!

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