Lakeside Love

Happy Tuesday and my apologies to our feisty Fellowers!

Between finals and the holiday weekend, I dropped the ball and did not give you the much anticipated Friday Five. Shame. I know. I shall take my Cersei walk of virtual blog shame. I promise that one will be coming again soon! With that said, I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend and enjoyed time relaxing with their friends and/or family as I did. Tuesday felt just as wrong as Monday does most weeks… sigh. I was lucky enough to be lakeside just a short distance from my hometown, reminiscing on and reliving old times. Even in the smallest of towns there are hidden gems that keep you coming back for more even in your adult years. For those of you that may find yourself wandering close to Kentucky Lake in the near or distant future, here are a few of my favorite spots that always make the list:

Maggie’s Jungle Golf:

Maggie’s was the ultimate date night and friends’ hang out in high school. All the cool kids would visit this putt-putt course regularly during the summertime. This course is charming in design and is very reasonably priced. The exotic plants and jungle-themed décor bring out the inner-child in everyone. After you have successfully made an idiot out of yourself for becoming overly competitive during putt-putt, you can console yourself with a ice slushy for a $1. That’s right. One dollar. Gotta love small towns. If you have kiddos, you can also visit with the animals and chase after the peacocks that roam freely around the parking lot. It’s the best. I will literally NEVER stop going and you should hurry up and get your stroke on.

Calvert City Drive-In: 

Once we finished a round of jungle golf, we would always hit the drive-in for the double feature on Saturday nights. You can see two movies for $7.00 and snuggle up to your boo under the blanket when the breeze sets in. Not to mention, you can actually get a hamburger, popcorn, and a soda for less than you could get one large soda at movie theatres now. Honest. It’s insane. I turned into a cheap little glutton for the night. There is just something about a drive-in that takes you back to the “good ole days” and makes you wish that life was always so simple and carefree. Throw a mattress in the pickup, stock up on candy from the grocery, and buckle up for a truly retro experience.

KY Shores Family Fun Center:

This center has a little bit of everything for a Sunday afternoon with the fam. My grandma is to thank for discovering this treasure close to Grand Rivers. I get to whoop and holler over hitting the jackpot in the arcade, take my victory lap when I unashamedly beat out 8 year olds on the go-kart track, and finish off my day of adventure with Dippin Dots. Let me repeat. Dippin Dots. The frozen pride and joy of Paducah. Just incase you are wondering, banana split is superior to all flavors. For those of you that are daredevils, they even have zip lines and what I like to call the flying monkey bungee. Your life is obviously less valuable to you than mine is to me. I salute you. Risk life or your wallet. Either way, KY Shores will show you a good time.

Take my stroll down memory lane as an opportunity to experience the best of small towns and make memories with your own families that you won’t forget. I promise that your time will be well spent.

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