Friday Five: Fall Fashion

Another Friday is upon us my fellow fashionistas!

Fall will forever be my favorite season. I am that awful meme of the basic white girl. I freak out over all things pumpkin, jump at the excuse to throw on a pair of boots, and immediately begin to welcome the crisp air and falling leaves. It may or may not also be the season that holds my birthday and anniversary as well…I am guilty of bias. Even with all that fall has to offer, nothing trumps the fashion trends. I am obsessing over them for 2016. Here are my top five to sport for fall:

Bohemian Florals: I am a sucker for a floral print. I will find an excuse to wear them in every season, really. It is classic, feminine, and versatile. I can feel comfortable knowing that it will look prim and proper for work, but a little fun and flirty with jeans if I meet the girls for dinner after. Fall 2016 sheds light on the small floral, letting a more subtle print take its reign. Here are a few thrifty finds that will be sure to bring out your inner flora. **I actually own the first and it is KILLER. Slay queens.

51122399 00218930-02-2

Target: Who What Wear ($34.99)                                  Forever 21: Floral Top ($17.99)

Velvet: Nothing quite screams power bitch like some velvet. Ever since Olivia bought me a black velvet blazer from Gap a few years ago, I have been dying for this trend to be recognized for all of its glory. You can really choose to rock velvet in every part of your wardrobe. The fabric looks great as a slinky slip, a 90’s inspired choker, or on a sick pair of shoes. I will be pairing my blazer with a graphic tee and ankle boots for a night on the town and a lacy camisole with skinny ankle pants for work. There is really no way to screw this up. You will look fabulous no matter what you do! The looks below are a bit more expensive that I would usually be willing to pay but velvet does call for a little loosening of the wallet. Luxury does not come cheap, peeps. Treat yo self.

2909be37ace5b9da3e1dfa4843e58c5a 4130580817587_052_b

Modcloth: Fine and Sandy ($79.99)                      Anthropologie: Slip Dress ($178.00)

Embroidered Bombers: Bombers may have detonated last season but the explosion is taking 2016. The bomber jacket has been elevated with embroidered logos ranging from sweet, floral designs to roaring animal faces. The bomber embodies the spirit of several different styles and immediately adds a “cool factor” to every outfit. You can even cheat and enjoy it a little early with a white tee and cut-off shorts. Trust me. I was feeling pretty fly last weekend in mine. These are dominating stores everywhere right now. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a stellar piece. I can’t steer clear of a bargain, so here is a sweet deal below. I have a similar one from Forever21 but it appears to be out of stock. This was a good substitute!

00192919-01Forever21: Embroidered Souvenir Jacket ($34.99)

Patent Leather Boots: Don’t think bondage, think 60’s flair. Patent leather is back and is flashy as ever. It’s a bit of a risk, but why not be a little daring? These look FANTASTIC in black and a deep hue of navy or red. I would suggest going for the block heel and ankle length as anything more than that will be a little too literal. No one wants to be a walking Halloween costume. Leave that for October 31st witches. Patent leather boots will be the perfect way to jazz up a t-shirt and skinny jeans. Go off the deep end with me. Try some of these sexy numbers from ASOS (a Fellows favorite).

7150952-1-red image2xxl

ASOS: New Look Chelsea ($49.00)                     ASOS: ABBIE Chelsea Pointed ($57.00)

Dusty Pink & Yellow: Every season assigns signature colors that will automatically turn a boring top into a “must-have”. I have to recognize the beautiful pastel of fall and hue of marigold sunshine that you will be sure to see pop-up in several shops around America. Plus, everyone says I look amazing in pink <insert sassy girl emoji in pink here> so it’s basically a given that I will be purchasing a few pink tops this fall. Join me. Be bold and pair them together. I think it would make a lovely blouse/skirt combination for the office. Both examples below even salute two additional fall trends that didn’t quite top the my list: statement furs and ruffles. I have never been a huge fan of fur but maybe I can be convinced to try it.

00235722-02 _12604792

Forever21: Faux Fur Vest ($37.90)                         Nordstrom: Halogen Ruffle Front ($38.98)

I hope this gives all of you a little inspiration for the upcoming season! I even gave you some time to rush out and snag these picks before September 22nd 😉  Drop ’em dead, Fellowers. Post pictures of your outfits in the comments! I want to see what y’all are wearing this fall! If you have other fresh ideas I want to hear them too!



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