For the Love of Subscription Boxes

Hello my favorite Fellowers! I have an obsession and slight addiction to… subscription boxes. Not just one kind of a subscription box, this lady does not discriminate. So I am going to tell you about some of my favorite subscription boxes, and the great things they offer.

First, the meal delivery boxes are fan-freaking-tastic! You can have all the ingredients to a delicious meal sent fresh and pre-portioned to you. Don’t we all have busy lives, and need someone to do not only the grocery shopping but the meal prep as well? I have tried Plated, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Marley Spoon, Green Chef, Home Chef, Terra’s Kitchen and Peach Dish. Yes, I have a problem…

Plated– so far my absolute favorite meal delivery box. It is a little more pricey than Hello Fresh and Blue Apron but the quality of the food is superior and you definitely get what you pay for. Plated offers 11 meal options for the subscriber to choose from. Seven of the selections are new every week, and they have four encore recipes that change every month. Are you a Vegetarian? Don’t worry they always have at least three vegetarian recipes to choose from. If you are in the mood for something sweet, Plated also offers two add-on dessert options. I have had some great recipes such as Mexican Corn Bowls with Brussels Sprouts and Bulgur Wheat, Thai Steak and Noodle Salad with Peanut Dressing, and Apple Cider Roast Chicken with Cheddar Mashed Potatoes.

Apple Cider Roast Chicken

Terra’s Kitchen– It is definitely the priciest of the subscription boxes that I have tried out. What is interesting is that the box is actually a vessel that compartmentalizes your ingredients. It felt like a space ship compared to the other cardboard boxes with various recyclable material packaging. I had the Barbacoa Street Tacos, Beef Ragù with Polenta (pictured), and Bison Tacos with Black Beans. The meals were delicious, and simple. I also made the barbacoa in a pressure cooker, and saved hours of time versus slow cooking in a dutch oven or crock-pot. Although I enjoyed the meals, the cost per week is astronomical for a single person. I canceled the subscription after I knew that FedEx had picked up the vessel to return to TK.

Beef Ragù with Polenta

Daily Harvest– Yes, you can get smoothies delivered straight to your door (well, sort of). Daily Harvest is a smoothie subscription that will deliver 6 smoothies (of your choice). The smoothies are all natural ingredients and no added sugars. They prepackage the smoothie ingredients in cups that you can use to drink your smoothie out of.  All you need is a straw, and you can be on the go. The instructions are simply: 1) Remove Smoothie out of the freezer, 2) add a favorite liquid (I used unsweetened almond milk) to the top of the cup, 3) place the ingredients in a blender, 4) blend until smooth. Voila! In my first order, I selected: mango and papaya, strawberry and peach, mint and cacao, chocolate and blueberry, pineapple and matcha, and açaí and cherry. They are refreshing, energizing, and make you feel fantastic.  Use my referral link: If you do, you get 2 free cups. You are welcome.

Reese getting some Açaí + Cherry in her life.

I have also tried a variety of other subscription boxes, and have been surprised by Just Fab and Amazon Surprise Sweets. Just Fab is not a typical subscription box, and does not necessarily send you something each month. You have control of what you buy on the site, but if you do not purchase anything between the 1st and the 5th of each month they will credit your account with $39.95 to purchase something later. Don’t worry, you can always skip a month (again, between the 1st and 5th) if necessary. Just Fab has shoes, clothing (even plus-size), purses, and accessories. For the most part, everything is reasonably priced and they always have deals for their VIPs. My first purchase was for a pair of black fringe boots for $9.99. I have since purchased multiple pairs of shoes, a bucket purse, weekender bag, a velvet and floral bomber jacket. One of my favorite features of being a VIP member is all the special sales and style steals. When you are picking out your $39.95 purchase, you can add style steals that are less than $25. Lord honey it will get you hooked!  To become a VIP, use my link:

Lastly, Amazon Surprise Sweets is a Dash Button, but it is also in beta mode meaning that you received an email to try it out or you request an invitation. You must be an Amazon Prime Member to purchase this Dash button. When you feel like a treat, simply press your dash button and a box of goodies will be delivered to you in two days. They have chocolate bars, gourmet popcorn, nut clusters, macarons, and more. Trust me… you will not be disappointed. However, each time you press a button you are spending a little over $18 so keep that in mind. Moderation is key people!

What is your favorite subscription addiction?

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