About Fellows, Food, & Finery

My name is Olivia Fellows and I am the brainchild behind Food, Fellows, and Finery. This blog is a combination of my profound love for food and the finer things. I was born and raised in Quilting Capital USA, Paducah, KY. I am one of four girls and spent four years eating and drinking bourbon in Louisville, KY. Now, I am a transplant living in Muncie, IN. When I am not running a program for foster care alumni at Ball State, I act as a baker, self-proclaimed crafter, amateur chef, cat lady, curvy fashionista, and lover of my little community. I want to give you a series of posts that mixes my eclectic style, Southern roots, and culinary bravado.

While Olivia may be the brainchild and creator of this blog, I am not to be underestimated. My name is Haleigh and I am her younger (wittier, prettier, and feistier) sister. Just kidding! She really is just as amazing as she sounds. I know, I know. How annoying. Unlike my sister, I have not betrayed the great state of Kentucky and currently reside in Louisville relishing all of the local food and fare the city has to offer. Weirdly enough, I also work in education as a Team Lead in Admissions. When I am not assisting students enroll into school, I am reading copious amounts of fiction, outdoor adventuring with my main man, and plotting my next move to become the “total package”. Seriously, though. Isn’t that what we all want? Thanks for joining our party and I hope you thoroughly enjoy our public display of sisterly affection!


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